Line of Duty Finale Review: Who killed The Caddy?

Line of Duty series 3 finally delivered its secrets (well most of them) with two incredibly intense interrogations scenes (which I swear had my heart rate doubled), then followed by a cop-on-cop foot chase, which even DC Fleming breathes “I’m too knackered to run”.

The first of those eyeballing scenes was a 23 minute interview with DS Arnott who was arrested for the murder of DI Denton (who made one final blood soaked reprisal), Arnott starts off with the confidence of an innocent man who is gradually degraded by the lies and strategic calculations of our favourite villain DS “Dot” Cotton. It’s a brutal mental cage fighting match, that also tears at your heart strings for the innocence ripped away from DS Arnott.

However, we start to see some hope in the form of DC Fleming, who quietly scribbles away and makes some intense eyebrow movements, a seed of doubt is planted. The tables finally turn (literally) for DI Cotton, who is then brought in for another 20+ minute interrogation. Does this come across boring? Absolutely not, I have never been so captivated from watching a “ping pong” style interrogation, with body language and eye glaces that filled my living room with such intensity. The walls finally seem to be caving in on DI Cotton, and finally the actions kicks off – DI Cotton makes his final plea, with a text “Urgent exit required” and then we’re faced with an armed DC Fleming in hot pursuit of “The Caddy”. 

Kate came into her own in the finale as she played the action heroine

I think we all knew it was time for The Caddy to get his comeuppance, and he did in true gentry style taking multiple bullets for his soft spot DC Fleming. But not with one last act of honesty, in his dying declaration, he gave up the act and indicated former Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank’s involvement with the pedophile ring. But we were left with so many burning questions… who was driving the getaway car? Who was the masked gunman that shot The Caddy? I really hope we don’t have to wait another two years, I just don’t have the patience.

The acting has been impeccable and you can see why it has been crowned BBC2 most succesful drama in 15 years. Line of Duty captivates you, envelopes you and is plausible to the point of reality and that is completely down to the main cast; Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar, Martin Compston, alongside Daniel Mays short lived performance and of course Keeley Hawes harrowing and domineering class act. A major thank you to Jed Mercurio’s astonishing story telling and John Sticklands direction. It really has been the pinnacle of police drama.

As the credits rolled, the nation was left wondering, what now? But fear not, did you watch post credits… ?


Oh boy…