Product Review: Lancôme’s Bi-Facil takes the day away. 

by sophievllewellyn

I recently started to realise that make up wipes no matter how good they were, were bringing tears to my eyes when removing make up. I wear water proof intense black mascara and I would always wake up with classic case of “Panda eye”, I would then use another make up wipe to get rid of this. I always thought eye make up remover was a bit of a mumsy thing to do, and that I wasn’t at the age where I had to worry about how to look after my skin “properly”. However I am 26 this year and I am actually at that stage now (shit). 

I recently came across a tiny little sample of Lancôme Bi-Facil and gave it a go. The product specification on their website reads… 

Bi-Facil make up remover removes traces of the day, simply and beautifully. With a formula that’s suitable for even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, Bi-Facil gently removes make up including waterproof mascara. 

Now when I decided to do this I did it properly – no rubbing and a cotton pad for each eye. Now I have to agree with the product specification it absolutely does gently take the make up off, it’s got an almost dry feel to the liquid and isn’t greasy at all. It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave the face feeling dry. 

This product has been around since 2000, and is still a popular purchase today. So it has definitely stood the test of time. It’s two tone blue colour layers give the impression it’s going to be heavy duty, but it feels almost like water on the eyes. It doesn’t sting if you get it into your eyes. Bi-Facil took away all my eye make up with two cotton pads, and I woke up with no panda eye HURRAY! 

My only issues with this product are firstly it’s not fragrance free (it doesn’t smell but on the ingredients it contains it) and finally is the price; for a 125ml it was 21.50. I can’t say if it’s worth the price yet but I’ve had it for a month and there’s still half left. There are definitely better all in one products out there, but if you’re feeling rich and sassy it’s a good purchase.