Review: Taboo – A period drama with Hard(y) force.

by sophievllewellyn

GONE are the days of sparkly, glitzy reality TV… well at least for 8 weeks that is. Steven Knight teams up with Tom Hardy again for this swaggering moody drama set in 1814 London.

Hardy stars as James Delaney, returning to London for his father funeral after spending 10 years in Africa after a slavery ship he was on board sank leaving him presumably dead. Delaney is now the proud owner of a tiny island on the American-Canadian border which he has inherited, however he faces a grisly battle with Her Majesties Government who wish to buy it for a small fortune, obviously he isn’t playing ball.

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Hardy glares and snarls his way through the first episode, making his fellow cast seem like fluttering moths in the background. This is what I love about Hardy, he has the ability to make the sweetest nursery rhyme sound like an invitation to murder.

I love the setting on 1814 London, there was no sign of fluttering eyelashes and posh sun brollies which period settings tend to indulge in, it was doom, gloom and grey skies. The looming of the foggy factory smoke in the background made me think, is that what London was really like back then?

Delaney is set to keep his private island from the greedy, corrupt and dishonest politicians and will probably do some serious damage to those who cross him. Complimented with some harsh flash backs from his dark past aboard the slavery ship, Hardy is definitely our anti-hero here to save us from the despair of shit Saturday night TV.

N.B. Edward Fox plays a corpse damn it, it’s gotta be good if HE played a dead person. Seriously.

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