Maybelline stay 24 hour colour – maybe? maybe not?

by sophievllewellyn


I feel like we are all on a constant search for a gloss or lipstick that actually stays put, so that we don’t have to live in fear of the dreaded smudge (or lipstick turning into liner after an hour, does anyone else get this!?) whenever we tuck into a romantic meal or have a sexy cocktail on a Saturday night.

So when I was holiday (Havana, pictures are coming) with my friend, I noticed that she was using this dual ended gloss, I was fascinated! I also noticed that when we got home from eating lots of food and drinking copious amounts of cocktails her lips were still full with colour. Had she been making millions of trips to the toilet to reapply, not that I noticed. Hmmmmm, a mystery to solve.

So I on I went to on my mystery solving trip to Boots and I purchased two colours; absolute plum and creme caramel.


So the gloss is dual ended; one end colour and the other end a balm which is applied after the colour. In true gloss style the gloss applicator has a lovely angled wand for easy application and the balm too was angled. Love so far.


On application the colour looks very glossy, however it quickly dries into more of a lip stain.


I sampled it on my arm at 10am this morning, I’ve been to the gym, been in the shower, ran errands and now I’m sat writing this watching Gogglebox with it still on my arm. It hasn’t smudged, flaked or lost any colour. But what about when I apply it to my lips?

The wand makes for easy application, however I applied very carefully as I didn’t want to get it on my skin in fear it would be stuck there. The balm is a lovely addition as it keeps the colour and lips moisturised.

So fast forward; after two episodes of Line of Duty, 2 cups of tea, some left over Easter egg and a meal out. IT IS STILL THERE. Granted I had to reapply a tiny bit of gloss and balm, but only once. So yes I have finally found a lip gloss/stick that actually sticks around, the question is, how will I get it off…?