A Sunday walk in Arnside Knott 

by sophievllewellyn

I have lived in The North West for majority of my life, and I have recently realised that whenever I go hiking and exploring it’s always in a different county.

I’ve decided that from now on, I should spend more time exploring the beautiful landscapes of The North West. I mean, it’s home to the extraordinary Lake District, one the most beautiful parts of the country, and I’m so lucky that’s it’s on my door step!

So here are a few snaps from my walk at Arnside Knott, Arnside, Cumbria.

The walk took approximately two hours (this includes stopping for pictures and looking for crabs), and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was very windy but the sun was shining throughout the whole walk.

The one thing that I loved about Arnside Knott is that it is pretty low key. It’s not touristy and is only really known to the local dog walkers on Arnside. Considering it was a Sunday, I could count on one hand the people we crossed!

If you haven’t visited before I would definitely recommend going. I was with a friend who was from the local area and was very familiar with all the “off track” routes. So I would do a bit of research on the best route to take, the woods huge and can imagine it is very easy to get lost!