My Bleach London hair story

by sophievllewellyn

Anyone who knows me, will know that I have always been very experimental with my hair. I have had many hair high and lows. Recently I have been going through some sort of mid-life hair crisis of not knowing how I wanted my hair to be.

I’ve had red hair, pink hair, yellow (not on purpose), black, ginger, blonde (you get it right?).

For about 2 years I have had the same hair colour and cut, so I thought it was time to do something a bit different. Over the past month I have discovered the brand ‘Bleach London’, generally their products are decent and reasonably priced. Whenever I am looking through their products, I always coo over their non-permanent hair dyes (they range from orange to blue), questioning whether I am quirky enough to pull it off. About a week ago I decided to have a quiet word with myself and give it ago. So I purchased;

Bleach London – Total Bleach
Bleach London – White Toner
Bleach London – Violet Skies

and this was the result

Not bad ey? If you are thinking of using any of their non-permanent hair dye, I would really recommend bleaching and toning your hair first, especially if it’s quite dark else the colour just won’t attach to your hair. What I liked about Violet Skies is first that the dye itself if a creamy thick liquid which makes the dye pretty easy to apply and means it doesn’t run. Also, it’s a 150ml bottle priced at £5 and can be used multiple times so touch ups isn’t expensive. It says on the bottle to apply onto wet hair for 15 minutes, as I never listen to any instructions especially those written on a bottle of hair dye, I applied onto dry hair for half an hour. (everything turned out alright in the end)

I have mid length hair and I didn’t use the whole bottle, coverage wasn’t the best, it didn’t like to attach too strongly to my roots, but enough to not look like a botched job. I was pretty happy.

The dye is advertised as a cream that fades with 2-10 washes, which is a bonus for me, as I can change my hair colour again soon. And the fade leads to quite a nice ashy-silvery colour