Perfect Preparations – M.A.C PREP + PRIME FIX +

by sophievllewellyn

Prepping and priming has become one of the most important parts of the make up world now. It’s all well and good having a decent make up face, but as we’re working longer hours and in more demanding jobs, it’s pretty vital that this makeup actually stays on our face for at least 12 hours. Yes there are all these foundations and lipsticks that claim that last 6000 days, but realistically (and in my experience) it never usually stays lasts longer than 7 hours without looking in the mirror and thinking “I swear I put make up on this morning, wtf has it gone??”.

I’ve always used a primer, but never really considered a finishing spray before. After my very good friend mentioned how good this M.A.C product was I thought OK, lets try it.

M.A.C. describes this product as “a lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finished make up. Helps create an even surface for a smooth application surface”. Basically it’s advertised as an alcohol free spray that contains nice healthy stuff that can be used pre/post (or both) make up application. I use this product as a finishing spray as I already use a pretty decent illuminating primer. Also what makes this product even more amazing is that it can be used as a “touch up”, so relieves the hassle of touch ups and reapplication.

So the product is;

  • Alcohol free (wahoo)
  • suitable for any skin type
  • contains no irritating ingredients
  • contains antioxidants (ooo)

So does it work?

Oh yeah babeh. It gives a lovely dewy finish to make up, it really helps to keep your shit together (not life unfortunately, just the make up), and it prolongs the make up daily life span. It hasn’t caused me any break-outs and I think that is due to it containing a lot of fancy nice stuff (green and chamomile tea) and it’s packaged nicely (like pretty much all  M.A.C products). I would absolutely recommend this product for anyone, it lasts a decent amount of time as only a few sprays are needed for a glowing dewy finish.