I’m just living for some new foundations – Lancome Teint Idole ULTRA 24 hour foundation

by sophievllewellyn

Trying to find a long lasting foundation that doesn’t feel like heavy duty is something of a holy grail in the foundation world. I work in a job that isn’t office based and I spend a lot of the time outside, interacting with the public facing all the wonders of the British weather so a durable foundation has been a mission for me to find. I had recently been using Lancome Teint Miracle, which was a beautiful foundation that really matched my skin complexion but I was still searching for something that just stayed put a bit longer than an unwanted one night stand.

So, I decided to broaden my Lancome horizon and try Lancome Teint Idole ULTRA 24 hour foundation. It advertises to be

  • Full coverage
  • comfortable
  • blendable texture
  • velvet matte
  • lasts 24 hour

My verdict – in short, does what it says on the tin but not fitting for what I want in an everyday foundation


This foundation is reasonably priced at £29.50 for a high end foundation. It’s available at pretty much every single high street store that sells cosmetics, so it is easily available. It comes in nice packaging, contained in a nice, classy frosted glass pump, the project is aesthetically pleasing.

Finish & Coverage

A good factor of this foundation is only one pump is required for full face coverage and it does spread evenly. However the foundation is completely matte, there is no dewiness to this foundation and it does feel like you’re wearing a “face full of make up”. I wouldn’t recommend this foundation if you have dry skin, as it could dull your skin down even more. However this foundation is good if you have a lot of blemishes and an uneven complexion due to it’s thick consistency, it has a strong coverage. For me personally, I prefer my daily foundation to have a skin like finish. This foundation is more suited for parties and special occasions when you can’t be bothered having to touch up and you’re 8 glasses of wine down and you can actually look back and photos and go “Oh wow, my face actually looks alright”. Cause it literally doesn’t budge.

Wear time

This foundation has an excellent wear time, I wouldn’t go as far as it’s 24 hours because, well, who wears foundation for 24 hours (if you do please go wash your face). But it does last a good 12 hours in my job, granted it doesn’t look as good as the first application but it’s still there on your face.


There are 28 shades for this foundation, which is pretty overwhelming, so it was a challenge finding the best shade to suit my skin complexion, and to be honest the colour I was recommended was still was too dark (my face is so white). I have to admit, the variation of shades wasn’t to complementing of the paler shades, and they all seemed too dark for me.


My overall thoughts on this foundation is that it is too heavy and thick for an everyday foundation, however it isn’t a bad product as it does exactly what is advertised. It’s long lasting, full coverage and does give you an even skin complexion. It is definitely suited for normal to oily skin, but I wouldn’t use it for dry skin due to it being matte. The only thing that really annoyed me was that it states it isn’t transferable, but it is (you should see the inside of my work hat =/). I’ve had to start mixing my moisturiser into the foundation just to ease the thickness of it. I think i’ll be going back to my Lancome Teint Miracle and continue my search for the durable long lasting foundation.