Te(aaaa)rrific: Peppermint & Licorice tea by Pukka

by sophievllewellyn

I am a MASSIVE tea drinker, and not just standard English Breakfast my cupboard is dominated by different coloured boxes Green, peppermint, white, pu-erh, fruit infusions to name a few. So I am always curious to try new and different flavors.

Green tea is my usual choice of tea to drink on a regular basis, however Pukka’s ‘Peppermint & Licorice’ is the nicest herbal infusion tea I have tried to date. The tea definitely goes peppermint then licorice, with the initial sip being a minty ‘airwaves’ type sensation followed by an aftertaste of a sweet (not overbearing which licorice can be) tea.

This tea is more like a ‘once a day’ treat for me, as it could become too sickly and sweet if drank as a substitute to other teas (baring in mind I drink on average 8-10 cups of varied tea a day). It works really well after tea (dinner for the southeners) to satisfy those sugary sweet tooth cravings.

It’s a really nice addition to my ‘tea cupboard’, bringing a sweeter based tea to my tea obsessed equation, plus the packaging is smart