I’m a ‘Smoooooth Operator’ – Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory

by sophievllewellyn

When it comes to showering, I’m very simple with the products I use. My shower cabinet only goes as far as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and face wash. I have fairly sensitive skin which is easily irritated by new and foreign products, so I rarely ever try anything new.

Recently I’ve been having the problem on my legs of small in-growing hairs, especially on the knees and upper thigh. As this is a common frustration for many women, I thought the Net would be able to provide me with some homemade remedies and solutions. Methods ranged from applying egg membrane to the affected area to putting soggy hot milky bread on your legs. Feeling more dirty than actually cleansed I decided to “man up” and head to a popular high street beauty store.

My house mate from Uni always filled our bathroom with fancy lotions and potions and one of those particular brands was Soap and Glory so I felt I had some knowledge on where to look. I found them fairly easily as the dominated the ‘Bath & Shower’ isle confidently with their pink and white 1980’s style labelling. After scanning their endless beauty products my eyes met with ‘Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub’. What majorly attracted me to it was the use of breakfast ingredients such as honey, sugar and oats and of course the delicious smell when I opened the lid (which to be perfectly honest I could of eaten right there and then). However I didn’t let me senses get the better of me and hunted for some reviews of this so called ‘award winning’ product. All the reviews gave the product no less than 4 stars and said how smooth and bump/pimple free their skin was after using the product. I took a chance and spent the high end price of £8, hoping the product would free my life of in-growing hair.

I have to say whilst using the product I was quite impressed! I felt like I was scrubbing my skin with natural ingredients and I could feel the exfoliation already working its magic on my skin. I decided to skip my usual task of in shower moisturising and kept the shaving to underarms only. I also decided to leave out (with difficulty) smothering my body with coco butter after drying off.

The end results left my legs and arms feeling velvety , nearly in-grown hair free (it was said on the internet you have to use  it a couple of times first to see a result of complete exfoliation) and smelling like scrumptious oats and honey (but not sticky like porridge). I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a deep exfoliation product with long lasting smooth(ie) skin.  The only down side is the 300ml container is misleading – it looks like a large amount that would last a long time, however the amount of product needed for effective us is a generous hand scoop for one leg.