Food for the soul

by sophievllewellyn


A complete random visit last evening after deciding to grab some quick food. There has been a constant buzz about Coco’s soul food, and it does not disappoint.

A small shack like cafe/restaurant/takeaway located on Friargate (known for its invasion of drunk students after hours), at first glance looks like another city centre Saturday night pit stop to fuel up between bar hops, oh how it isn’t so.

With the option to sit in or take away, the decision was made to shelter from the wind and rain and bask in all the glorious worldy smells. A modest menu dancing around different continents, it was a difficult decision to make. I finally chose the lamb koftas, this being a very random and impulsive decision (I usually cop out and order chicken), so I waited in anticipating being teased by the tantalizing treats being served to the other guests. When my food finally arrived, my eyes couldn’t help but dart around the plate trying to make a decision of what to eat first. The lamb was perfectly cooked, and the addition of the pita bread and dip really made me feel like I was eating food cooked straight from Greece.

The service was pleasant but not too invasive, the menu has been carefully chosen offering a range of cuisine without being overwhelming. And the chefs/servers/hosts drip passion through their sweat.

The one thing that makes Cocos so different from anywhere else is that there’s no false pretences. It’s not attempting to be something it’s not, it is what it is. The decor is amateur yet endearing, there is no cringey overbearing photo smile ready waiter and the constant buzz of people coming and going make it a great place to people watch and earwig!