music to my ears

by sophievllewellyn

Born 25 years ago in LA, Jillian Banks (known as BANKS) started her music journey at  14, when she was given a keyboard to help cope with her ensuing depressing following her parents divorce. I hate to say I am thankful for this, but her personal circumstance help create a hypnotic and ghostly debut album titled ‘Goddess’. And I can safely say this album is heavenly sounding.

A smooth blend of buoyant bass, mysterious backing vocals and heavy beats that only creeps slightly above heartbeat pace, listening to BANKS is like being in a semi sleep state.

Living in world where we can instantly find out what our favourite celebrity had for breakfast, BANKS has permitted us a carefully regulated drip feed (for ages she didn’t even reveal her first name), leaving us hanging on for more.

Favourite album tracks: Brain, Waiting Game, Begging for Thread